10 Jun 2013

The Evolution of a Logo

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A short time ago, we were asked to design a new logo to be used on T-Shirts distributed by the Sugar Land Citizens Fire Academy Alumni (SLCFAA).  These shirts would then be sold to the public in order to raise funding for the Fire Department.  We’ve been doing work for the SLCFAA for several years and were looking forward to this challenge.  We’ve included it here on our blog because we feel as though this is a good example of the different stages a logo design can go through from conception to finished piece.

In order to give this design a unique and personal touch, the SLCFAA board members solicited a firefighter to actually come up with the design concept.  From there, it was up to Deft Graphix to massage and polish it into a final piece.  Basically, they had the Firefighter simply sketch out his idea for the logo.  Anytime a customer approaches us about a logo design we request that they give us a simple sketch so that we can have a ‘jumping off’ point.  It is true that we can start with even less direction, but this really helps to get the project going in the right direction while eliminating much of the guess-work.  Below is the original sketch:


So, now it was time to turn this idea into something that really grabbed your attention and also worked well on the back of a t-shirt.  Through vector illustration we were able to create to first draft of the logo based on the sketch and this is what we came up with both in color as well as a single-color format.  It is very important that it can be done both ways so that the graphic can be used for any number of things.  Obviously, if you’re going to have something printed, one aspect of price is going to be the number of different inks used.  In the past, they’ve done many of their shirts in just a single color.

First Proof with Hose

After the first pass, it turned out that they loved the design.  They decided it might work better without the fire hose incorporated into the design and requested that I submit a new one without it.  They also wanted a few different color options to see if we could get the letters to stand out a little more.  So, we made the revisions and submitted the choices below:Color Variations

In the end, the customer was very pleased and the finished piece ended up looking very nice on the T-shirts.


Final Logo

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