18 Sep 2013

Run Mama, Run!

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So, we had a customer approach us about creating a custom illustration for their company.  Basically, a shuttling service to get kids to and from the places that they need to be when it is darn near impossible for the parents to do so.  What they were after was a cartoon style illustration depicting a busy mom racing her kids off to some destination.  The customer was very adamant about the detail in the graphic so this would need to be custom illustrated, one of a kind.  In fact, this is what whe asked for…

“I know what I want I just can’t seem to find it exactly. I would like a graphic of a lady in a business suit or dress with her head to the side holding a cell phone while running with one arm extended holding a brief case and the other hand holding a cup of coffee while a leash is wrapped around her leg with a small dog attached to the leash and lastly 2 small kids in tow one boy wearing a ball cap and a little girl both with back packs and a sack lunch.”

This is actually pretty atypical.  Luckily for her, we handle this sort of demand.  These are some images that she passed along for us to reference.  It was pretty clear that this would take some work, but we knew that this was an opportunity to go above and beyond what was expected: 


We decide to start with the Mom in the graphic and go from there, so the first step was to sketch out a rough draft of her.  This is what we came up with:  


Next, we scanned in the pencil sketch and imported it into our illustration software.  From here we basically trace the drawing, refine it, color it and give it a much more finished look.  All of this is vector art so it is completely re-scalable to any size.  here is what we have after the illustrating process is complete:


We submitted this to the client and they were more than pleased.  However, there was still much work to be done, as we needed to complete the rest of the illustration.  Again, we would start with a rough sketch and then vectorize it, making sure to keep a consistent overall look. 


Upon completion, we had our one-of-a-kind graphic.  Playful, yet appropriate.  If you think you might want something totally unique to your business, let us know.  Here’s the final result…


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