25 Oct 2013

Holiday Ornament

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Last year, around the same time, we were asked to recreate a graphic from a picture of an iconic Auditorium in Sugar Land, Texas.  We needed to create a file that could be used to laser out a holiday ornament.  These would then be sold as part of a fundraiser for the Heritage Society.  I wanted to include it on the blog just an an example of the different needs we might possibly have a solution for.

I’ve simply included a visual progression of the project below.  We were very impressed with the final piece produced by ChemArt:

Original Picture for re-creation.

Original Picture for re-creation.

With this image placed into our graphic software, we methodically trace the image creating a file based on vectors.  You can’t get lazy here as the attention to detail is really going to count in the end product.

The progression of the project

The final product turned out wonderful.


The Finished Ornament

The Finished Ornament

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